Deal Pack® is a complete Dealer Management Software designed to help automobile dealerships and finance companies eliminate duplication, remain compliant, and achieve success in the used car industry. Deal Pack offers fully integrated sales, leasing, finance, and service with real-time accounting. Designed by accountants and perfected by industry leaders, Deal Pack is capable of over 150,000 accounting entries specific to the subprime automotive industry.

Deal Pack services public and private companies of all sizes, including independent automobile dealerships, buy here pay here dealerships, related finance companies, lease here pay here dealerships, multi-entity companies, finance companies, sales companies, budget lots of franchise dealerships, external or internal lessors, floor planners, and service departments. As you pursue new opportunities, or improve existing ones, Deal Pack scales to handle your exact needs – saving you time, increasing your bottom line, and allowing you the freedom to focus on your business with its fully integrated design.

Deal Pack redefines what is possible in a DMS. To learn more, visit