Advanced Business Computers of America develops and supports end-to-end software solutions for the subprime finance industry. Since 1983, we have helped automotive dealerships and finance companies eliminate duplication, remain compliant, and achieve success with dependable, all-in-one software and prompt and dependable service and support. At ABCoA, we pursue excellence through service, quality, and innovation.

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ABCoA is known for its personalized, prompt and dependable service and its fully integrated, all-in-one software. We provide training over the phone, in-house, or on-site for your convenience. Assistance from a team of knowledgeable staff with actual industry experience is never more than a phone call away, everyday. Users access ABCoA's software applications over the Internet, thereby eliminating hardware costs and compliance concerns. ABCoA's SaaS platform provides free updates, live back-ups, and the highest-level of security, performance, and redundancy for mission critical operations.


ABCoA provides peace of mind and operational control to users worldwide. Providing the industry's leading software and support are the reasons for our success since 1983. Whether developing reliable software or supporting those using it, client satisfaction remains our number one priority every step of the way. ABCoA's fully integrated software ecosystem empowers you to manage all facets of your operation in one system. Our complete, all-in-one software solutions eliminate duplication and fraud, reduce operating costs, and increase transparency.


ABCoA offers the most innovative software solutions in the marketplace. Committed to the needs of our customers, we incorporate the experience from industry leaders and successful business practices into our cutting-edge solutions. In the ever-changing automotive and finance markets, we are leading the way. Our completely integrated CRM, DMS, LOS, and LMS solutions, with built-in general ledger, payment processing, and funding portal, provide ultimate control and simplicity to the user. In addition to providing a completely integrated software ecosystem, ABCoA's SaaS platform reduces IT costs and complexity and improves operational security and reliability.

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Historical Overview

Thousands of users across the globe have placed their trust in us, Advanced Business Computers of America. We are a single vendor providing a complete, all-in-one software solution for used car dealers and lenders. Our products are innovative, proven, and always at the cutting edge of technology.

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Shad Hedy - Founder and Chairman

Shad Hedy

Founder and Chairman

Jonathan - Hedy President

Jonathan Hedy


Evelyn Hedy - Vice President

Evelyn Hedy

Vice President

Daniel Akel

Senior Counsel

Tomasz Jablonski - Distinguished Software Architect

Tomasz Jablonski

Distinguished Software Architect

Jillian Palmer - Business Manager

Jillian Palmer

Head of Operations

Amir Dabiri - Customer Success Manager

Amir Dabiri

Head of Customer Success

ABCoA is a Software-as-a-Service company entrenched in subprime finance since 1983. Quality, innovation, and reliability underpin our operating philosophy, alongside uncompromising customer service. With nearly 50 employees, half of which are developers, ABCoA is a nimble company building the most advanced vertical ecosystem in the finance industry capable of supporting every type of loan and aspect of business operations. We are proud to include a diverse staff sharing a single vision to democratize consumer lending.

Most Americans depend on financial instruments, for everyday necessities, that are complex and intimidating; they feel the entire process of getting a loan is unclear and unfair. Consumers seek fairness and convenience, and our customers use our solutions to deliver those terms. We “help America go” by providing tools necessary to make loans to consumers with less-than-perfect credit. Each day we aspire to change lives by creating solutions that ultimately improve the quality of life and help provide life’s necessities.

With a 41-year track record and over 1 million hours of engineering, our software handles more financial scenarios than any other software in the world. We invest $5M annually in research and development to ensure our solutions continue to deliver trust, convenience, and equity in a changing world. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida and considered the Nation’s top choice for dealership and loan management software, ABCoA continuously elevates the standard for software in the subprime industry. Let’s work together to change the future of America.

ABCoA - Celebrating 40 Years - 1983 to 2023
ABCoA - Celebrating 40 Years - 1983 to 2023